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We are interested in the science of miniaturization, intelligent systems, and the interface between engineered and living systems

To learn about our research, please browse through the list below which consists of 55 of our academic publications that have been cited more than 100 times (as per Google Scholar) and/or published in high impact journals (Impact Factor > 10). They highlight our research focus areas and the many important and influential contributions our research has made to science, engineering, and technology. For a less technical perspective, please read press articles about our research using the press link.

1. Micro/Nano and soft robotics

1. Xu et al., Soft three-dimensional robots with hard two-dimensional materials, ACS Nano (2019)
2. Cangialosi,* Yoon,* et al. DNA sequence-directed shape change of photopatterrned hydrogels via high-degree swelling, Science (2017)

3. Breger et al.,Self-folding thermo-magnetically responsive soft-microgrippers, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2015)
4. Yim et al, Biopsy using a magnetic capsule endoscope carrying, releasing and retrieving untethered microgrippers, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (2014)
5. Malachowski, et al., Self-folding single cell grippers, Nano Letters (2014)

6. Malachowski,* Breger,* et al., Stimuli responsive theragrippers for chemomechanical controlled release, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2014)
7. Gracias, Stimuli responsive self-folding using thin polymer films, Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering (2013)
8. Gultepe et al., Biopsy with thermally-responsive untethered microtools, Advanced Materials (2013)
9. Solovev et al., Rolled-up magnetic microdrillers: Towards remotely controlled minimally invasive surgery, Nanoscale (2013)

10. Solovev et al.,Self-Propelled Nanotools, ACS Nano (2012)

11. Randhawa et al., Microchemomechanical Systems, Advanced Functional Materials (2011)
12. Bassik et al., Photolithographically Patterned Smart Hydrogel Based Bilayer Actuators, Polymer (2010)

13. Bassik et al., Enzymatically Triggered Actuation of Miniaturized Tools, JACS (2010)
14. Fernandes et al., Toward a miniaturized mechanical surgeon, Materials Today (2009)
15. Leong et al., Tetherless thermobiochemically actuated microgrippers, PNAS (2009)
16. Randhawa et al., Pick-and-place using chemically actuated microgrippers, JACS (2008)



2. Origami MEMS and NEMS

1. Rogers et al., Origami MEMS and NEMS, MRS Bulletin (2016)
2. Shenoy et al., Self-folding thin film materials: From nanopolyhedra to graphene origami, MRS Bulletin (2012)
3. Pandey et al., Algorithmic design of self-folding polyhedra, PNAS (2011)
4. Cho et al., Nanoscale Origami for 3D Optics, Small (2011)
Leong et al., Three dimensional fabrication at small size scales, Small (2010)
6. Cho et al., Curving nanostructures using extrinsic stress, Advanced Materials (2010)
7. Randhawa et al., Reversible actuation of microstructures by surface chemical modification of thin film bilayers, Advanced Materials (2010)
8. Bassik et al., Microassembly based on hands free origami with bidirectional curvature, Applied Physics Letters
9. Cho et al., Self-assembly of lithographically patterned nanoparticles, Nano Letters
10. Bassik et al., Patterning thin film mechanical properties to drive assembly of complex 3D structures, Advanced Materials (2008)
11. Leong et al., Thin film stress driven self-folding of microstructured containers, Small (2008).
12. Leong et al., Surface tension driven self-folding polyhedra, Langmuir (2007)
Gracias et al.,Fabrication of micrometer-scale, patterned polyhedra by self-assembly, Advanced Materials (2002)

3. Biomimetic folding and assembly of 3D drug delivery, tissue engineering and biomedical devices

1. Cools et al, A micropatterned multielectrode shell for 3D spatiotemporal recording from live cells, Advanced Science (2018)
2. Jin,* Li* et al., Mechanical Trap Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (MTSERS) for 3D surface molecular imaging of single live cells, Angewandte Chemie (2017)

3. Xi et al., Molecular insights into division of single human cancer cells in on-chip transparent microtubes, ACS Nano (2016)
4 Mannoor et al., 3D printed bionic ears, Nano Letters (2013)
5. Jamal et al., Bio-origami hydrogel scaffolds composed of photocrosslinked PEG bilayers, Advanced Healthcare Materials (2013)
6. Fernandes et al., Self-folding polymeric containers for encapsulation and delivery of drugs, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (2012)
7. Randall et al.,
Self-folding materials and devices for biomedical applications, Trends in Biotechnology (2012)
8. Jamal et al., Differentially photo-crosslinked polymers enable self-assembling microfluidics, Nature Communications (2011)
9. Azam et al, Self-folding micropatterned polymeric containers, Biomedical Microdevices (2011)
10. Randall et al.
, 3D lithographically fabricated nanoliter containers for drug delivery, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (2007)

4. Folding atomically thin films

1. Xu et al., Self-folding hybrid graphene skin for 3D biosensing, Nano Letters (2019)

2. Xu et al., Ultrathin shape change smart materials, Accounts of Chemical Research (2018)
3. Xu et al., Ultrathin thermoresponsive self-folding 3D graphene, Science Advances (2017)

5. Self-assembly by programmed aggregation and folding


1. Pandey et al., Algorithmic design of self-folding polyhedra, PNAS (2011)
2. Jacobs et al.,
Fabrication of a cylindrical display by patterned assembly, Science (2002)
3. Boncheva et al., Biomimetic self-assembly of a functional asymmetrical electronic device, PNAS (2002)
4. Gracias et al., Forming electrical networks in three dimensions by self-assembly,
Science (2000)

6. Spatio-temporally controlled chemistry

1. Kalinin,* Pandey,* et al., A chemical display: Generating animations by controlled diffusion from porous voxels, Advanced Functional Materials (2016)
2. Ye et al., Remote radio frequency controlled nanoliter chemistry and chemical delivery on substrates, Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2007)
3. Leong et al., Spatially controlled chemistry using remotely guided nanoliter scale containers, JACS (2006)

7. Surface science, spectroscopy, and other interesting stuff

1. Ye et al., Probing organic field effect transistors in-situ during operation using SFG, Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) (2006)
2. Ye et al., Kinetics of ultraviolet and plasma surface modification of poly(dimethylsiloxane) probed by sum frequency vibrational spectroscopy, Langmuir (2006)
3. Mayer et al., Micropatterned agarose gels for stamping arrays of proteins and gradients of proteins,
Proteomics (2004)
4. Gracias et al.,
Continuum force microscopy study of the elastic modulus, hardness and friction of polyethylene and polypropylene surfaces, Macromolecules (1998)
5. Gracias et al., Molecular characterization of polymer and polymer blend surfaces. Combined sum frequency generation surface vibrational spectroscopy and scanning force microscopy studies, Accounts of Chemical Research (1999)
6. Gracias et al., Continuum force microscopy study of the elastic modulus, hardness and friction of polyethylene and polypropylene surfaces, Macromolecules (1998)

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