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159 Shape-shifting microgel automata controlled by DNA sequence instructions, R. Shi, K.-L. Chen, J. Fern, S. Deng, Y, Liu, D. Scalise, Q. Huang, N. Cowan, D.H. Gracias, R. Schulman, [co-corresponding author] bioRxiv 2022.09.21.508918;DOI:10.1101/2022.09.21.508918

158. Untethered unidirectionally crawling gels driven by an asymmetry in contact forces, A. Pantula, B. Datta, Y. Shi, M. Wang, J. Liu, S. Deng, N. Cowan, T. D. Nguyen, D.H. Gracias, chemRxiv 2022; DOI:10.26434/chemrxiv-2022-7j4pd

Papers in peer-reviewed academic journals

158. Untethered unidirectionally crawling gels driven by an asymmetry in contact forces, A. Pantula, B. Datta, Y. Shi, M. Wang, J. Liu, S. Deng, N. Cowan, T. D. Nguyen, D.H. Gracias, (2022) Science Robotics, accepted

157 Autonomous untethered microinjectors for gastrointestinal delivery of insulin, A. Ghosh, W. Liu, L. Li, G. J. Pahapale, SY. Choi, Q. Huang, R. Zhang, Z. Zhong, F. M. Selaru, D.H. Gracias, [co-corresponding author] ACS Nano 16, 16211-16220 (2022)

156. Shell microelectrode arrays (MEAs) for brain organoids, Q. Huang, B. Tang, J. C. Romero, Y. Yang, S. K. Elsayed, G. Pahapale, T.-J. Lee, I. E. Morales Pantoja, F. Han, C. Berlinicke, T. Xiang, M. Sollazo, T. Hartung, Z. Qin, B. Caffo, L. Smirnova, D.H. Gracias, Science Advances 8, eabq5031(2022).

155. Directing multicellular organization by varying aspect ratio of soft hydrogel microwells, G. J. Pahapale, J. Tao, M. Nikolic, S. Gao, G. Scarcelli, S. Sun, L. H. Romer, D.H. Gracias, Advanced Science 9, 2104649 (2022): [co-corresponding author] [Featured on the back cover]

154. Label-free spectroscopic SARS-CoV-2 detection on versatile nanoimprinted substrates, D. Paria,* K. S. Kwok,* P. Raj, P. Zheng, D. H. Gracias, I. Barman, [*Equal contribution;co-corresponding author] Nano Letters 22, 3620-3627 (2022). [Featured as a supplementary cover]

153. Integrated nanotechnology 2.0: 3D, smart, flexible and dynamic, D.H. Gracias, IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine (Highlights) 1, 11-15 (2022).

152. Controlled nanoscale cracking of graphene ribbons by polymer shrinkage, A. Sarkar, D. Paria, I. Barman, D.H. Gracias, ACS Applied Nano Materials 4, 2, 1529–1539 (2021).

151. Solvent responsive self-folding of 3D photosenstive graphene architecturesQ. Huang, T. Deng, W. Xu, C.K. Yoon, Z. Qin, Y. Lin, T. Li, Y. Yang, M. Shen, S. M. Thon, J.B. Khurgin, D.H. Gracias, Advanced Intelligent Systems (2021).

150. Magnetic resonance guided navigation of untethered microgrippers, A. Ghosh, Y. Liu, D. Artemov, D.H. Gracias, Advanced Healthcare Materials 10, 4, 20000869 (2021), [co-corresponding author].

149. Gastrointestinal resident, shape-changing microdevices extend drug release in vivoA. Ghosh, L. Li, R.P. Dash, N. Gupta, J. Lam, Q. Jin, V. Akshinatala, G. Pahapale, W. Liu, A. Sarkar. R. Rais, D.H. Gracias, F.M. Selaru Science Advances, 6, eabb4133 (2020)  [co-corresponding author]. [Featured as the cover article]

148. Large-area arrays of quasi-3D Au nanostructures for polarization-selective mid-infrared metasurfaces, V. Nagal, T. Li, J. Khurgin, D.H. Gracias, ACS Applied Nano Materials 3, 7029-7039 (2020) [co-corresponding author].

147. Multicomponent DNA polymerization motor gels, R. Shi, J. Fern, W. Xu, S. Jia, Q. Huang, G. Pahapale, R. Schulman, D.H. Gracias, Small 16, 37, 2002946 (2020) [co-corresponding author].

146. 3D printing of an in situ grown MOF hydrogel with tunable mechanical properties, W. Liu, O. Erol, D.H. Gracias, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 12, 33267-33275 (2020).

145. Untethered single cell grippers for active biopsy, Q. Jin, Y. Yang, J.A. Jackson, C. Yoon, D.H. Gracias, Nano Letters, 20, 7, 5383-5390 (2020) [Video]

144. Bi-directional propulsion of arc-shaped micro-swimmers driven by precessing magnetic fields, S. Mohanty,* Q. Jin,* G.P. Furtado, A. Ghosh, G. Pahapale, I.S.M. Khalil, D.H. Gracias, S. Misra, Advanced Intelligent Systems 2, 9, 2000064 (2020).

143. 3D printing and characterization of a soft and biostable elastomer with high flextibility and strength for biomedical applications, E. O. Bachtiar, O. Erol, M. Millrod, R. Tao, D.H. Gracias, L.H. Romer, S.H. Kang, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 104, 103649 (2020)

142. Active matter therapeutics, A. Ghosh, W. Xu, N. Gupta, D.H. Gracias, Nano Today 31, 100836 (2020)

141. Biomimetic human small muscular pulmonary arteries, Q. Jin,* A. Bhatta,* J. Pagaduan,* X. Chen,* H. West-Foyle, J. Liu, A. Hou, D. Berkowitz, A. Hou, F. B. Askin, T. D. Nguyen, D.H. Gracias, L. H. Romer, Science Advances 6, 13, eaaz2598 (2020) [*Equal contribution;co-corresponding author].

140. Self-folding using capillary forces, K. S. Kwok,* Q. Huang,* M. Mastrangeli, D. H. Gracias, Advanced Materials Interfaces 7, 5, 1901677 (2020) [*Equal contribution;co-corresponding author].

139. Substrate directed synthesis of MoS2 nanocrystals with tunable dimensionality and optical properties, T. Chowdhury, J. Kim, E. C. Sadler, C. Li, S.-W. Lee, K. Jo, W. Xu, D.H. Gracias, N.V. Drichko, D. Jariwala, T.H. Britlinger, T. Mueller, H.-G. Park, T.J. Kempa, Nature Nanotechnology 15, 29-34, (2020).

138. Nano-folded gold catalysts for electroreduction of carbon dioxide, K.S. Kwok*, Y. Wang*, M. Cao, H. Shen, Z. He, G. Poirier, B.E. McCandless, K. J. Livi, D. A. Muller, C. Wang, D.H. Gracias, Nano Letters 19, 12, 9154-9159 (2019) [*Equal contribution;co-corresponding author]

137. Hierarchically curved gelatin for 3D biomimetic cell culture, G.J. Pahapale, S. Gao, L.H. Romer, D.H. Gracias, ACS Applied Bio Materials 2, 12, 6004-6012 (2019) [co-corresponding author].

136. Reversible MoS2 origami with spatially resolved and reconfigurable photosensitivity, W. Xu, T. Li, Z. Qin, Q. Huang, H. Gao, Hui, K. Kang, J. Park, M. Buehler, J. Khurgin, D.H. Gracias, Nano Letters 19, 7941-7949 (2019).

135. Direct ink writing of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with tunable mechanical properties, Z. Jiang, O. Erol, D. Chatterjee, W. Xu, N. Hibino, L.H. Romer, S.H. Kang, D. H. Gracias, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 11, 31, 28289-28295 (2019).

134. Periodic buckling of soft 3D printed bioinspired tubes, J. Liu, W. Liu, A. Pantula, Z. Wang, D.H. Gracias, T.D. Nugyen, Extreme Mechanics Letters 30, 100514, (2019) [Featured on the cover]

133. Soft three-dimensional robots with hard two-dimensional materials, W. Xu, D.H. Gracias, ACS Nano 13, 4883-4892 (2019).

132. Force characterization and analysis of thin film actuators for untethered microdevices, F. Ongaro, Q. Jin, U. Siciliani de Cumis, A. Ghosh, A. Denasi, D.H. Gracias, S. Misra, AIP Advances 9, 055011 (2019).

131. Transformer hydrogels: A review, O. Erol, A. Pantula,* W. Liu,* D.H. Gracias, Advanced Materials Technologies 4, 4, 900043, (2019) (Invited: Special Virtual Issue on Advanced Intelligent Systems)
[*Equal contribution].

130. Dual-gel 4D printing of bioinspired tubes, J. Liu, O. Erol, A. Pantula, W. Liu, Z. Jiang, K. Kobayashi, D. Chatterjee, N. Hibino, L.H. Romer, S.H. Kang, D.H. Gracias, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 11, 8, 8492-8498 (2019).

129. Biodegradable thermomagnetically responsive soft untethered grippers, K. Kobayashi,* C.K. Yoon,* S.H. Hyun, J. Pagaduan, D.H. Gracias, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 11, 151-159 (2019) [*Equal contribution].

128. Electrocatalytic oxidation of glycerol on platinum, Y. Liu,* W. Yu,* D. Raciti, D.H. Gracias, C. Wang,‡ Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123, 426-432 (2019) [*Equal contribution;co-corresponding author]

127. Self-folding hybrid graphene skin for 3D biosensing, W. Xu, S. Paidi, Z. Qin, Q. Huang, C. H. Yu, J. Pagaduan, M. J. Buehler, I. Barman, D.H. Gracias, Nano Letters 19, 3, 1409-1417, (2019).

126. Sub-wavelength field enhancement in the mid-IR: Photonics vs Plasmonics vs Phononics, T. Li, V. Nagal, D. H. Gracias, J. B. Khurgin, Optics Letters 43, 18, 4465-4468 (2018).

125. Origami Biosystems: 3D assembly methods for biomedical applications, V. A. Bolanos Quinones,* H. Zhu,* A. Solovev, Y. Mei and D.H. Gracias,
Advanced Biosystems 2, 12, 1800230 (2018); [*Equal contribution] [Featured on the back cover].

124. 3D Hybrid Small Scale Devices, J. V. Pagaduan,* A. Bhatta,* L.H. Romer, D.H. Gracias, Small 14, 27, 1702497 (2018) [co-corresponding author, ‡,*equal contribution].

123. Ultrathin shape change smart materials, W. Xu, K. S. Kwok, D. H. Gracias, Accounts of Chemical Research 51, 436-444 (2018).

122. Comparative studies of ethanol and ethylene glycol oxidation on platinum electrocatalysts, S. Dewan,* D. Raciti,* Y. Liu, D.H. Gracias, C. Wang, Topics in Catalysis 61, 9, 1035-1042 (2018) [*Equal contribution;co-corresponding author] (Invited, special issue in honor of Prof. Gabor Somorjai).

121. A micropatterned multielectrode shell for 3D spatiotemporal recording from live cells, J. Cools, Q. Jin, E. Yoon, D.A. Burbano, Z. Luo, D. Cuypers, G. Callewaert, D. Braeken, D.H. Gracias, Advanced Science 5, 4, 1700731 (2018) [co-corresponding author]. [Featured on the back cover].

120. A GPU-accelerated model-based tracker for untethered submillimeter grippers, S. Scheggi, C. K. Yoon, A. Ghosh, D.H. Gracias and S. Misra, Robotics and Autonomous Systems 103, 111-121 (2018).

119. Multitemperature responsive self-folding soft biomimetic structures, K. Kobayashi,* S.H.Oh,* C. K. Yoon, D.H. Gracias, Macromolecular Rapid Communications 39, 4, 1700692 (2018) [*Equal contribution] [Featured on the cover].

118. Steering and control of miniaturized untethered soft magnetic grippers with haptic assistance, C. Pacchierotti, F. Ongaro, F. van den Brink, C. Yoon, D. Prattichizzo, D.H. Gracias, and S. Misra, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (T-ASE) 15, 1, 290-306 (2018). View Video

117. Design, characterization and control of thermally-responsive and magnetically-actuated micro-grippers at the air-water interface, F. Ongaro, S. Scheggi,* A. Ghosh,* A. Denasi, D. H. Gracias, S. Misra, PLoS One 12 (12) e0187441, (2017) [*Equal contribution]. View Video

116. Ultrathin thermoresponsive self-folding 3D graphene, W. Xu, Z. Qin, C. T. Chen, H. R. Kwag, Q. Ma, A. J. Sarkar, M. J. Buehler, D. H. Gracias, Science Advances 3, e1701084, (2017).

115. DNA sequence-directed shape change of photopatterrned hydrogels via high-degree swelling, A. Cangialosi,* C. K. Yoon,* J. Liu, Q. Huang, J. Guo, T. D. Nguyen, D.H. Gracias,‡ R. Schulman, Science 357, 6356, 1126-1130 (2017) [*Equal contribution;co-corresponding author].

114. Bidirectional and biaxial curving of thermoresponsive bilayer plates with soft and stiff segments, J. Guo, T. Shroff, C.K. Yoon, J. Liu, J.C. Breger, D.H. Gracias, T.D. Nguyen, Extreme Mechanics Letters 16, 6-12 (2017) [co-corresponding author] [Featured on the cover].

113. Stimuli responsive soft untethered grippers for drug delivery and robotic surgery, A. Ghosh, C. K.Yoon, F. Ongaro, S. Scheggi, F.M. Selaru, S. Misra, D.H. Gracias, Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering 3, 7, 1-9 (2017) [Invited: Special issue:Soft Robotics and Healthcare].

112. The limits of imaging with multilayer hyperbolic metamaterials, T. Li, V. Nagal, D.H. Gracias, J.B. Khurgin, Optics Express
25, 12, 13588-13601 (2017).

111. Mechanical trap surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (MTSERS) for 3D surface molecular imaging of single live cells, Q. Jin,* M. Li,* B. Polat, S. K. Paidi, A. Zhang, J. V. Pagaduan, I. Barman,‡ D.H. Gracias,‡ Angewandte Chemie International Edition 129, 14, 3822-3826 (2017) [Featured as the Frontispiece].[* Equal contribution;co-corresponding author]

110. Autonomous planning and control of soft untethered grippers in unstructured environments, F. Ongaro, S. Scheggi, C. Yoon, F. van den Brink, S. H. Oh, D.H. Gracias, S. Misra, Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics 12, 45-52, (2017). View Video

109. Molecular insights into division of single human cancer cells in on-chip transparent microtubes, W. Xi, C. K. Schmidt, S. Sanchez, D.H. Gracias, R. E. Carazo-Salas, R. Butler, N. Lawrence, S. P. Jackson and O. G. Schmidt, ACS Nano 10, 6, 5835-5846 (2016)

108. Self-folding microcube antennas for wireless power transfer in dispersive media, P. Anacleto, E. Gultepe, S. Gomes, P. M. Mendes, D.H. Gracias, Technology 4, 2, 120-129 (2016) [co-corresponding author].

Assembly of a 3D cellular computer using folded E-blocks, S. Pandey, N.J. Macias,‡ C. Ciobanu, C. Yoon, C. Teuscher,‡ D.H. Gracias, Micromachines 7, 5, 78, (2016) [Invited: Special issue: Building by self-assembly, co-corresponding author].

106. Self-folding Nanostructures with Imprint patterned surfaces (SNIPS), H.R. Kwag, J. H. Cho, S. Y. Park, J. Park, D.H. Gracias, Faraday Discussions 191, 61-71 (2016)

105. A self-folding hydrogel in-vitro model for ductal carcinoma, H.R. Kwag,* J. V. Serbo,* P. Korangath, S. Sukumar, L.H. Romer, D.H. Gracias,Tissue Engineering Part C 22, 4, 398-407 (2016)
[* Equal contribution;co-corresponding author]

104. Origami MEMS and NEMS, J. Rogers, Y. Huang, O.G. Schmidt, D.H. Gracias, MRS Bulletin 41, 2, 123-129 (2016)

103. Patterning of fibroblast and matrix anisotropy within three-dimensional confinement is driven by the cytoskeleton, J. Serbo, S. Kuo, S. Lewis, M. Lehmann, J. Li, D.H. Gracias, L. H. Romer,Advanced Healthcare Materials 5, 1, 146-158 (2016) [co-corresponding author].

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101. A chemical display: Generating animations by controlled diffusion from porous voxels, Y. V. Kalinin,* S. Pandey,* J. Hong, D.H. Gracias, Advanced Functional Materials 25, 26, 3998-4004, (2015) [Featured on the inner cover][* Equal contribution]

100. Self-folding thermo-magnetically responsive soft-microgrippers, J. C. Breger, C. K. Yoon, R. Xiao, H. R. Kwag, M. O. Wang, J. P. Fisher, T. D. Nguyen, D.H. Gracias, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 7, 5, 3398-3405 (2015) [See Video]

99. Self-assembly of mesoscale isomers: The role of pathways and degrees of freedom, S. Pandey, D. Johnson, R. Kaplan, J. Klobusicky, G. Menon, D.H. Gracias, PLoS ONE 9, 10, e108960 (2014) [co-corresponding author]

98. Self-folding single cell grippers, K. Malachowski, M. Jamal,* Q. Jin,* C. Morris, D.H. Gracias, Nano Letters 14, 7, 4164-4170 (2014) [Highlighted in Nature, Nature Nanotechnology]
[* Equal contribution]

97. Building polyhedra by self-assembly: theory and experiment, R. Kaplan,* J. Klobusicky,* S. Pandey,* D.H. Gracias,‡ G. Menon, Artificial Life 20, 4, 409-439 (2014) [* Equal contribution;co-corresponding author].

96. Silane surface modification for improved bioadhesion of esophageal stents, M. Karakoy, E. Gultepe, S. Pandey, M.A. Khashab, D.H. Gracias, Applied Surface Science, 311, 684-689 (2014)

95. Functional stimuli responsive hydrogel devices by self-folding, C.K. Yoon, R. Xiao, J. Park, J. Cha, T. D. Nguyen, D.H. Gracias, Smart Materials and Structures
23, 094008, (2014) [Special issue on Origami based morphing structures]

94. Rolled-up functionalized nanomembranes as 3D cavities for single cell studies, W. Xi, C.K. Schmidt, S. Sanchez, D.H. Gracias, R.E. Carazo-Salas, S.P. Jackson, O.G. Schmidt, Nano Letters 14, 8, 4197-4204 (2014). [Featured on the cover]

Stimuli responsive theragrippers for chemomechanical controlled release, K. Malachowski,* J. Breger,* H.R. Kwag, M.O. Wang, J.P. Fisher, F. Selaru, D.H. Gracias, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53, 31, 8045-8049 (2014) [* Equal contribution]

92. Biopsy using a magnetic capsule endoscope carrying, releasing and retrieving untethered microgrippers, S. Yim, E. Gultepe, D.H. Gracias, M. Sitti, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 61, 2, 513-521 (2014)

91. Design for a lithographically patterned bio-artificial endocrine pancreas, J. Park, Y. V. Kalinin, S. Kadam, C. L. Randall, D.H. Gracias, Artificial Organs 37, 12, 1059-1067 (2013)

90. 3D printed bionic ears, M. S. Mannoor, Z. Jiang, T. James, Y. L. Kong, K. A. Malatesta, W.O. Soboyejo, N. Verma, D. H. Gracias, M. C. McAlpine, Nano Letters 13, 6, 2634–2639 (2013). [Highlighted in Nature, Science, Nature Nanotechnology]

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5, 1294-1297 (2013)

86. Stimuli responsive self-folding using thin polymer films, D.H. Gracias, Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering 2, 112-119 (2013) [Invited]

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