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Selected write-ups on our research papers

Recent coverage of our new COVID sensor invention

1) In prominent academic journals and by government agencies

National Science Foundation (NSF), Researchers engineer tiny, shape-changing machines that deliver medicine to the GI tract, Nov 2020

National Science Foundation (NSF), NSF announces awards for soft robotics research, December 2018

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Swell Findings in Hydrogels, March 2018

Nature Nanotechnology, From Nanomachines to Nobel Prizes, January 2017

Nature Nanotechnology, Self-assembly: A Venus flytrap for cells, August 2014

, Self-folding device grabs single cells, July 2014

, An ear by printing, July 2013

, The cyborg era begins, June 2013

Nature Nanotechnology, Bioelectronics: Printed bionic ears, June 2013

U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), 3-D Printing of working bionic ears, May 2013

U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Microscopic star-shaped tools take biopsies, May 2013

U.S. Army, Microstructures fold under a beam of light to make useful 3-D devices, Jan 2013

Nature Photonics, Laser Fabrication: Folding three dimensional microstructures, Dec 2012

Applied Physics Letters, APL's 50th Anniversary Collection: Editor's Picks of Most Recent Publications, Oct 2012

Chemistry and Industry, Curious Minds, Sep 2012

U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF), New 3-D structures assemble with remarkable precision, April 2012

Nature Chemistry, Bent into shape, Jan 2012

Nature Chemistry, Enzymatic actuators, Oct 2010

Nature Photonics, Self-assembly of nanocubes, Jan 2010

NIBIB, U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Designing Smart Surgical Microtools, Nov 2009

Science, Get a grip, Jan 2009

Nature Nanotechnology, Thin Films: Boxing Clever, Aug 2008

Nature Physics, Loaded Dice, July, 2007

Science, Microscale Origami, Sept 2006

Science, Self-folding delivery boxes, Aug 2006

2) In international newspapers and magazines

The American Association of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 9 Bioinspired Medical Technologies, Jan 2021

BBC Focus Science and Technology, Parasite-inspired drug delivery system could be the future of medicine , Nov 2020

Chemical and Engineering (C&E) News, Video: Microgripper captures single cells for tissue biopsy, July 2020

The Scientist, Image of the day: Biomimetic Arteries, April 2020

Chemical and Engineering (C&E) News, Harnessing the power of shape shifting materials, Feb 2018

IEEE Spectrum, Adding wrinkles to graphene just got easier, Oct 2017

Baltimore Times
, Poly student selected as Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar, Feb 2017

Chemistry World (RSC), Soft robots get a grip, March 2016

IEEE Spectrum, Medical microbots take a fantastic voyage into reality, June 2015

Wired (Germany), Die Nano-Docs, April 2015

Gizmag, Tiny robotic hand-like grippers dissolve in the body after performing task, Feb 2015

ACS Press Release, Tiny robotic hands could improve cancer diagnostics, drug delivery, Feb 2015

CBS News, 3-D printed "bionic" ear hears better than the real thing, May 2013

Times of India, 3-D Bionic ear can hear radio frequencies, May 2013

Wired, 3-D Printed ear made from calf cells and nanoparticles 'Hears' Radio Frequencies, May 2013

NPR, Freaky Friday: Autonomous tissue grabbers are on their way, April 2013

ASEE Prism Magazine Cover Story, Folding Frontier, Jan 2013

Science News, Into the Fold, Dec 2012

Scientific American,
Microbial Mules, March 2012

Discovery News, How to make nano-origami, Dec 2011

Chemistry World, Nanoboxes given optoelectronic function, June 2011

IEEE Technology News, Microgrippers for Assembling Microdevices, March 2011 [PDF]

Optics and Photonics News (OPN), A Roadmap for Metamaterials, March 2011

Chemical and Engineering (C&E) News, Self-Assembling 3-D Electronics, Dec 2010 [PDF]

Wall Street Journal, And Tomorrow's Winners will be ...., Sept 2010

Science News, Tiny tools aren't toys, Sept 2010 [PDF]

Nanowerk, Stress is good for nanofabrication, April 2010

Popular Science, The Year's Most Amazing Scientific Images, Dec 2009

The New Scientist (UK), Patterned nanocubes could open door to nano-circuits, Aug 2009 [PDF]

Chemical Technology (UK), New nanoboxes take shape, Aug 2009 [PDF]

Poplular Mechanics, Gripping Medical Nanotech, March 2009 [PDF]

Discover Magazine, Microtech Gets a Grip, March 2009 [PDF]

Newsweek (Russia), Grip and not let go, 2009 [PDF]

IEEE Spectrum, Cellular Kung-Fu Grip, Feb, 2009

C2W (Holland), Microkrab Grijpt Cellen, Feb, 2009 [PDF]

Zeit Wissen (Germany), Biopsie per Knopfdruck, Feb 2009 [PDF]

National Geographic, Dust-Size "Crabs" Grab Living Cells in Lab Video, Jan 26, 2009

Forbes Magazine, Building Vessels For An Incredible Journey, Jan 20, 2009

Scientific American, Getting a Teeny Tiny Grip, Jan 15, 2009

Times of India, Micro-tool grabs cells in hard-to-reach places, Jan 14, 2009 [PDF]

The New York Times, A Microscopic Tool Inspired by the Human Hand, Jan 13, 2009

The New Scientist, (UK) Micro-origami lets scientists get a grip, Dec 9, 2008

NIH Press Release, NIH Extends Its Commitment to Transformative Research with $138 Million for Director’s Pioneer and New Innovator Awards in 2008, Sept 2008

Chemical Technology (UK), Microcontainers Hold Cells Captive, Sept 19, 2008 [PDF]

De Ingenieur (Holland), Miniscule Grijper, Sept, 2008 [PDF]

MIT Technology Review, A Helping Hand For Surgery, August 2008

Chemical and Engineering (C&E) News,Tiny Devices Get a Grip, August 2008 [PDF]

DuPont, DuPont Gives Grants to Young Professors Developing Novel Science of Company Interest, June 2008

Materials Research Society (MRS), Graduate Student Awards, December 2007 [PDF]

Chemical and Engineering (C&E) News, A Material World, December 24, 2007 [PDF]

Maryland Science Center, Maryland Outstanding Young Engineer Award, May 29, 2007 [PDF]

Batlimore Sun, Science Project Wins Scholarship, March 14, 2007 [PDF]

Science News, Chemical Pop-Up Books, November 25, 2006 [PDF]

The New Scientist (UK), Self-assembling nano-boxes show chemical control", August 21, 2006 [PDF]

Washington Times , Nanotechnology building blocks, January 19, 2006 [PDF]

EE Times (UK), Self-Assembling MEMS target biomed therapies, January 09, 2006 [PDF]

Discovery Channel, Tiny cube delivers drugs, December 28, 2005 [PDF]

Drug Development Magazine, Drug in a Box?, December 15, 2005 [PDF]

Red Herring, Nanocubes Could Carry Drugs, December 13, 2005 [PDF]

Chemical and Engineering (C&E) News, Self-Assembly Required, April 15, 2002 [PDF]

Boston Globe, No Assembly Required for these Tiny Machines, Oct 16, 2001 [PDF]

EE Times, (UK), Self-assembling 3-D IC networks studied, Sept 11, 2000

Chemical and Engineering (C&E) News, Self-Assembling Microelectronics, August 21, 2000

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