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Students working towards a Ph.D. degreee

Soo Jin is working on microinjectors for GI delivery of macromolecules
Mark is developing strategies to fold 2D and ultrathin film nanostructures
Rachel is developing smart DNA gels and soft-robots
Aishwarya is developing 3D printed shape change devices

Qi is developing flexible and ultrathin devices

Wangqu is developing self-folding biomedical microdevices


Students working towards an M.S. degree

Yifan is working on 3D printing of soft robots
Marvin (Zijian) is developing microgripper devices
Ruili is developing untethered theragrippers and microdevices

Students working towards a B.S. degree

Javier is developing responsive soft-robots

Neha is developing miniaturized and active biomedical devices

Margaret is developing soft robots

Brian is developing self-assembling medical microdevices with micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)

Devan is developing dynamic, 3D shell microelectrode arrays (3D MEAs) for electrophysiological characterization of brain organoids.


High School Students

Jonah Schwartz from the Baltimore Ingenuity Project is developing biomimetic hydrogels







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