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Post-doctoral Fellows

Arijit is designing, fabricating and characterized untethered medical microdevices
Weinan is investigating strategies to create foldable 3D devices using 2D layered materials
Ozan is designing, fabricating and characterizing 3D-printed shape change RV-PA conduits
Qianru is working on biomimetic platforms for hypertension and cell studies

Graduate Students


Gayatri is working on bionanotechnology
Jiayu's research focuses on simulations and experiments with self-folding 2D layered materials and polymers
Vivek is designing and fabricating mid-IR metamaterials using micro/nanopatterning and self-folding


Anjishnu is patterning 2D layered materials and creating 3D foldable and adaptable devices

Mark is developing strategies to fold 2D and ultrathin film nanostructures
Rachel is developing smart DNA gels and soft-robots

Qi is developing flexible and ultrathin devices



Zhuoshi is developing ultrathin bioelectronics and biosensing devices with 3D geometries from 2D nanomaterials
Wangqu is developing 3D printed shape change devices
Aishwarya is developing 3D printed shape change devices
Yuqian is working on biomimetic devices and platforms for hypertension
Liyi is working on microfabricated biosensors and biomedical devices

Undergraduate Researchers

Michael is researching drug delivery from patterned thin films

Neha is workign on miniaturized and active biomedical devices

Sammy is workign on active micro and nanostructures

Julian is developing single cell grippers

Philippe is developing and modelling single cell grippers

High School Students

Abby from Baltimore Public School (Ingenuity Project) is researching the behavior of cells in curved and folded geometries





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