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Over 75 post-doctoral fellows, graduate students (PhD & MS), undergraduate researchers, high school students and high school teachers have done research in our laboratory.

Students from our laboratory, especially productive and well-published researchers, have gotten jobs at the highest levels of academia and industry. Examples include faculty at prominent universities (University of Minnesota, University of Massachusetts, University of Akron); and engineers/scientists at microelectronics companies (Intel, IBM, Global Foundries, Micron, Samsung, Hynix); defense related companies (BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, SAIC); management consultancy (Accenture); government agencies (NIH, DTRA); medical device and biotech (Terumo, Novatech, Atrium) and chemical companies (DuPont, Exxon).

Several undergraduate researchers decided to go on for further studies and were admitted to prominent graduate schools in Engineering and Medicine such as Caltech, UC Berkeley, MIT, Princeton, UCSB, UT Austin, Northwestern and UPenn.


Recent highlight:

Post-doctoral Fellow Dr. Weinan Xu to start faculty position at the University of Akron




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