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Visiting Researcher

Kuni is visiting from JSR Corporation since 2015 and is developing novel hydrogel / polymer materials with shape change properties

Post-doctoral Fellows

Arijit is designing, fabricating and characterized untethered medical microdevices
Weinan is investigating strategies to create foldable 3D devices using 2D layered materials
Xing is developing biomimetic strategies for self-folding vasculature and hypertension
Ozan is designing, fabricating and characterizing 3D-printed shape change RV-PA conduits
Wenjian is utilizing in-situ surface spectroscopy to investigate calalytic interfaces

Graduate Students


Qianru is working on three dimensional platforms for cell studies such as single cell capture and analysis devices, and mechanical stretch effects on fetal lung development in patterned spaces.
Gayatri is working on bionanotechnology
Jiayu's research focuses on simulations and experiments with self-folding 2D layered materials and polymers
Vivek is designing and fabricating mid-IR metamaterials using micro/nanopatterning and self-folding


Anjishnu is patterning 2D layered materials and creating 3D foldable and adaptable devices

Gong's research is on biomanufacturing


Mark is developing strategies to fold 2D and ultrathin film nanostructures
Zhuoran is working on folding of graphene and 2D layered materials
Yizhing is developing untethered microsurgical tools  and drug delivery devices
Haotian is developing deployment tools for untetherered microsurgical tools

Undergraduate Researchers

Ashish is researching the self-folding of graphene for sensing and optoelelectric application
Michael Druckman is working on fabrication and characterization of biomimetic vessels
Elyse is doing research in bionanotechnology
Michael is researching drug delivery from patterned thin films
Diego is investigating the use of thermoresponsive polymers to make novel drug delivery tools

High School Students

Amy Zhang from BPI School is developing flagellar microsurgical tools





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